Florida Gets Cold

1-3-18     I’m not sure if any of you noticed but it’s flipping cold outside. I know that I have very little right to bitch and complain too much since what I’m complaining about is Florida cold and not true northern cold. The problems with our Florida cold is that Mango is absent a true heating source resulting in overnight temperatures reaching the 30’s. Not having a heating source Karen and I are learning several things during this last cold snap.

Cell phones and computers don’t appear to like prolonged temperatures below 40.It makes sense to go to bed fully clothed and peel off layers of clothes after the bed linens have warmed a tad.Our brass lantern when lit not only looks great but also doubles as a great hand warmer.Laying clothes out in the morning sun for a while gives us the feeling as they just came out of the clothes drier when getting dressed.Staying in bed longer in the morning makes more sense than ever.Turtles, Manatees, crabs and iguanas can get confused in the cold w…

Staying longer than we thought at the Beach

12-29-17     Many people state that they like to be alone and that’s all well and good. I can say that Karen and I agree on the fact that we like to be around people. I do like a little “Me Time” every once in a while but for the most part I’m a people person. Many people also say that they like to live life impulsively. I can say that is not Karen but it does describe me. Does this mean that Karen and I argue about this often?Sometimes but not usually, I just let her plan our itinerary when she can and I’m fine with that. I would be the type of person to fly off somewhere and look for the hotel once I arrive. Karen on the other hand needs to know where her head is going to lay at night.

We arrived in Fort Myers Beach on the 19th and after an overnight night planned to sail straight to Key West to have a surprise visit with Maury and Sandy from S/V Senior Moment. Weather did not cooperate so we stayed waiting for the perfect sailing window which never occurred and here we are on Decemb…

Leaving the Glades Boatyard

12-12-17     Yesterday was a challenge for me since the part that would allow Mango to be splashed hadn’t arrived. The part “Split Shaft Flange” which should’ve been delivered Friday per UPS 3 Day Priority arrived shortly after 8:30 PM. I was very happy to see Mr. UPS especially knowing that shipping was free since they missed their imposed 3 day delivery window. Boatyard local’s lectured me on the virtue of patience as I paced the quarter mile working yard in circles hoping that Mr. UPS would arrive early so I could install the part during the night and be splashed first thing in the morning. No luck with that but Karen and I started first thing in the morning with the help of two fellow boatyard members.

I checked the part and verified it the proper size and all machined holes lined up properly. I coerced the British guy to assist me by tapping the prop shaft while I lined things up in the bilge, Karen sat in the cockpit relaying information on when to tap and when to stop. Things we…

Thanksgiving 2017

11-23-17     It is Thanksgiving and Karen and I are here in warm Florida. Notice I didn’t say sunny. It was sunny when we arrived last week but has been a tad bit rainy and overcast lately, but hey I’m not complaining. On our way down to Florida Karen and I stopped in Memphis to sightsee and then on to Tunica Mississippi to attend a Willie Nelson concert. Karen and I both agreed that we want to come back and spend more time in Memphis and believe it or not Karen loved the Willie concert. Karen will tell you that she’s never been a fan but really enjoyed herself, I will tell you that I enjoyed myself also and was surprised how well Willie performed. Willie was standing onstage for an hour and fifteen minutes playing and singing, in my opinion he showing his age when it comes to his voice, but he is 84 years old.The Prius did great delivering us to our destination full of everything Karen and I need for another successful season of sailing and averaging 53MPG through some very windy con…

Illinois Bound, Graduation Day at the University of Iowa

5-15-17     My memory of the past two weeks or so has been a complete blur. From our return drive from Florida with Karen’s parents to Sam and Nicole flying into O’Hare to Hannah’s college graduation.The drive up from Florida with Karen’s parents Carol and Al went very well. The trip had the potential to be a sitcom. 4 adults crammed into a Toyota Prius along with their luggage, Karen and I bringing a lot back from Last Mango. The trip went great, aside for Carol, a slight crisis in my driving abilities while speeding through Atlanta, at least we are now sure that our horn works. We chose a hotel a little north of Nashville to grab dinner and spend the night which made the rest of the trip a bit shorter than the day before. Sunday we listened to the Nascar race on Sirius radio which kinda made the time fly by. I’m not much of a Nascar fan but did enjoy listening, it may have helped that Carole’s favorite driver won the race. I think Al’s came in second. By the way we averaged 54.3 MPG…